I got The Heiress of Light to review, but since it’s book 2 of The Branches of Time, I believe I must read this one first in order to make a more appropriate review.

First of all, looking at the back cover got me hooked already! I also looked at the ratings on Goodreads and they’re phenomenal so my excitement to read increased. The book looks like an easy read length wise and it has a total of 46 chapters so that also fascinates me.

I then started reading chapter 1 and I’m hooked; the story so far is killer, no pun intended. They’re in an island and all the inhabitants of it are killed except for three people. It was the work of dark magic according to the priestess who is one of the survivors. The others are a husband and wife, newly married. I’ll try not to give spoilers away, but I’ll put down some basics.

Turns out, that the island is protected by a shield of some sort and there are other people who are trying to get into the island, but have been unsuccessful for years, decades, centuries, millenniums.

The characters are very interesting, on the good side, one of the character is fighting with their inner demons. On the bad side, they’re fighting with doing the good that they feel that they should be doing.

I believe this book is a reflection of how human behavior is. If you’re good, you fight the bad thoughts, but you know they’re there; if you’re bad, you fight doing the good that you want to do, but are afraid of doing because of the repercussions and what it might affect on your status. We humans tend to love power and are reluctant to lose it wether it’s a good power or a bad power; we love being in control of whatever power we have.

Luca Rossi also ends this book in such a manner that you want to read and see what will happen in the story. I would go into detail, but, you know? Spoilers.

This book is a fascinating read, it combines romance, magic, science fiction, and even violence into one juicy read. I had so much fun reading this book and it’s a fairly easy read and the characters are very human-like; in other words, they reflect how our inner thoughts and struggles are like.

In the end, the Goodreads reviews are spot on and I’ll give it 🏝🏝🏝🏝 and a half 🏝 because they’re in an island. Will the enemies be able to enter the island? Perplexed? Grab ahold of this book and read for yourself check out his books at amazon.com/author/lucarossi

Next review: The Heiress of Light by Luca Rossi


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